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Crack ((INSTALL))s 2009 Ita

The fresh snow had buried many of the obvious ice cracks and features, so Matt and I went ahead on snowmobiles to scout the route while Jeff Hoffman and Mak Saito followed with the sleds. Cracks like the ridgeline in the above photo were relatively easy to spot, and we drilled them to make sure they were a meter thick, which is more than enough to support the weight of our vehicles. Other cracks though were less apparent, but many times those cracks were given away by the presence of seals loafing on the ice - the pup in this picture barely even moved as we rumbled by, and we saw his breathing hole in a hidden crack just a few feet away. We gave that area wide berth. After a few hours of crack testing and route finding, we made it out into McMurdo Sound proper and to our next station.

Cracks 2009 Ita

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Basically, fatigue crack propagation can be divided into three stages: stage I (short cracks), stage II (long cracks) and stage III (final fracture).If lower loads are applied, the crack will have to grow for longer before the applied stress intensity factor K, reaches the fracture toughness value of the material, resulting in a smaller area of fast fracture.

Description: The El Ciprés estate is located at the Picacho Volcano in the Bálsamo-Quezaltepec region. The farm was purchased by Dr. Emilio Alvarez Lalinde in 1880. From Dr. Lalinde the farm has been passed down through his family, and is now operated by the Alvarez Gallardo family, who are passionate about making some of the highest scoring coffee in El Salvador. The property consists of 90 hectares of coffee production and over 5 hectares of natural forest, the latter hectares form an important refuge for wildlife. With over a century of family traditions in coffee growing, El Ciprés has become synonymous with extraordinary quality. In addition to coffee quality, the farm is also climate and nature friendly, protecting its forests, rivers, soils, and wildlife, and has held Rainforest Alliance certification since 2009.

I'm drinking this right now and am pleased with what I'm tasting! The roast was in the city range with about 20s development after the end of first cracks (total development was about 2min/20% and 12F after start of first cracks). The brew is a V60 at a 17:1 ratio.

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