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Self Care #BeautyGOALS!

Updated: May 12, 2020

Self Care is the ultimate beauty G.O.A.L

The beauty industry is booming because most people will invest in their outer appearance no matter what the price is. If we aren't careful the price can be much higher than what we think. Makeup itself is a wonderful tool and can be used to enhance a person’s outer appearance but should never be used as an excuse to neglect self care.

Self care involves more than just making sure you eat healthy it includes protecting your peace of mind and developing and practicing healthy habits everyday. These healthy habits should nourish and support your mind, body and spirit. Not only does self care involve looking after yourself but it also involves being aware of the people around you so that you can recognize symptoms of someone struggling. Caring for yourself and being mindful of others is an awesome way of creating an atmosphere for kindness to happen and the love of God to be shown through people. Giving Out Acknowledgement and Love is a true sign of beauty.

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Monique Smith
Monique Smith
Jan 13, 2020


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