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Monique Smith

"You Are Beauty Goals"

Hello beauties, my name is Monique Smith or Moe. I am the CEO of GOAL Model Makeover.

I love makeup and all things glam. I have been in the beauty business for over 12 years now. I started GOAL Model Makeover in 2019. I wanted to give back to women who pour so much into others. Makeup and makeovers is how I get to do that.


Makeup is a ministry for me and I appreciate every client. However my ultimate goal is to remind every woman that how GOD made her is already beautiful. I simply accentuate her features by adding a little color. I love to see women empowered and owning their confidence and complexities. I encourage all women to take care and love themselves purposefully every day.


Be sure to book your next makeover or makeup appointment with GOAL Model Makeover.

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