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See Whats Next With GOAL Model Makeover

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Slay The Runway Makeup Showcase

If you missed the Makeup Showcase be sure to catch the next one in the fall. Tickets will go on sale in August 2024. Follow us on our Instagram page and view photos and video from our amazing showcase.

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3 Day Beauty Camp

At GOAL Model Makeover, we believe that beauty and confidence go hand in hand. That’s why we provide a unique and exciting 3-day beauty camp experience for girls ages 6 to 13. Our camp is designed to help young girls feel beautiful inside and out, while instilling confidence and self-love. We use top-quality products and techniques to create beautiful, natural looks while giving girls the tools they need to continue building their own unique style post-camp. The 3 Day Beauty Camp is July 10, 11, &12, 2024 , from 4pm to 6pm 

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Makeup Artist Training Program

Our makeup training program is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to start a career in the beauty industry. We provide our students with a variety of informative lessons, practical assignments, and hands-on training in order to prepare them for the real world of work. Our makeup training program is comprehensive and covers all aspects of the makeup industry. From color theory to advanced makeup techniques, we have everything you need to become a professional makeup artist.

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