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Hudson Myers

Bounce And Scouse WAV MiDi UPD

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Bounce And Scouse WAV MiDi

1-I initially wrote a midi track using the score editor, and decided to give it some performance feel by customising the tempo track. Then, I decided to record an actual piano execution of the same track on the same file. I noticed that the resulting midi track contains many changes in those spots corresponding to changes in the tempo track, i.e. the midi notes lengths shrink whenever the tempo slows down, to compensate that, and vice-versa.

This is still acceptable when playing back the performance, since the final recording of the execution corresponds to what I played on the piano, but definitely the midi track would not work on a constant tempo. It would be nice to somehow remap the midi track to a constant tempo.

2-In a different project, which still contains a tempo track with varying tempos, I noticed that the midi track is an actual representation of my execution (it represents the execution as if the tempo was constant), so the midi notes are not shrinking on tempo changes. On the other side, the playback of my execution speeds up according to the tempo track, which messes up the correct tempo. I need to disable the tempo track here.

The real actual problem now is that I am afraid I might have messed up my execution since the midi part doesn't sound as it was supposed to be, the tempo is off. This happens even after deleting the tempo track, and set it to a constant value.

However, this only works for the first part of the midi file, while the second part is slightly messed up, like if the tempo track is still there somehow, even though it has been deleted. The weird thing is that the tempo track does not seem to match to the discrepancies, there is something else happening.

I tried setting a constant tempo, such that I can set the total length in seconds of my midi track to be equivalent to the length of the audio recording (the correct one I previously made). As a result, everything in the middle has a wrong tempo, with unwanted speed ups and slow downs.

There seems to be some good news here. I just found out that, if I import the audio track into the project, the audio track is automatically re-mapped with the wrong tempo, thus becomes totally in sync with the midi track. This means that the tempo mapping is still somehow retained in the track. 350c69d7ab


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