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Hudson Myers
Hudson Myers

Wacom UD-0608-R Support - Opendrivers

in device manager the driver is listed as 'device manager, not started'. no matter which i click the yellow triangle to start, it just sits there. i can unplug and replug the tablet into the usb port but it won't recognize it. the wacom driver i got from the manufacturer (getac) did not have any issues.

wacom digitizer ii ud-0608-r driver

the best part is the driver used to work in xp. so i figured i would just run the windows xp driver in win7 and see what happens. lo and behold the driver still loaded, and the tablet is recognized. so i installed the driver and just ran the setup again. the only problem is that i can't use the button in the tablet to adjust the pressure sensitivity. i can rotate the screen and it worked, but the button doesn't work and i don't have access to the settings so i can adjust the sensitivity. so i'm going to have to file a bug report with microsoft, and see what happens. i'm sure they are going to want to fix it.

well, i am still having problems getting the wacom intuos2 pen to work with my win 7 and win 8.1. there are not many people on the forums that have the intuos2 and win 8.1, so i have been doing some searching. there are a couple of threads on the forums about it, but not a ton of people with the intuos2 on win 8. i have been able to get the pen to work by using the winxp drivers. i tried this because i have a usb adapter for the intuos1. it works, but it is really finicky. i have to keep the tablet plugged in and running and not move it, and my pen has to be in focus. otherwise it goes crazy. so i am going to try and install the winxp drivers again on my win8.1, and see if it works better. i have a feeling it will. hopefully, i will be able to get a good use out of the pen.


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