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Hudson Myers
Hudson Myers

What Would We Do (feat. Gabriel) (Vocal Mix)

Basement Jaxx's 'Red Alert' is such a banger in itself, Steve Gurley would've been forgiven if he wanted to save face through the risk of not living up to the original with his remix. You'd be silly to think the d'n'b and garage specialist would do anything other than deliver a ribbon-wrapped 2-step package, though, and that's exactly what he did.

What Would We Do (feat. Gabriel) (Vocal Mix)

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Level two would be with a sound palette. We're trying to build the largest library of sounds here, which obviously would be very useful, provided you have fast access to it. If you have this palette of sounds available, level two would be defining what those sounds are. So, put the red light on, energy's up, and you do a live pass in defining the sound, maybe with a joystick and different tones at each corner, so you're moving like a performance wheel on a synth.

I went to a careers guidance thing, you know? They do all these aptitude tests, and the guy said there were only two things I was fit for. One was photography, and the other was landscape gardening. I think I would enjoy both, actually. Perhaps that's what I do with music. 041b061a72


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