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5 diamond Matching Couple Rings - a timeless gift

What are the characteristics and meanings of five stone rings?

The characteristics of the ring with 5 diamonds

If you want to impress her, a ring will do the trick. One of the ring types that is most loved by every woman is the five diamond ring. While it's not as common as the solitaire, it is expensive and can be presented for various occasions. The precious stones are placed around the circumference of the jewel. The ring with 5 diamonds is created by goldsmiths in white gold and the gems are diamonds that have brilliant cut with uniform sizes or, in a few cases the central stone is larger than the stones on the sides. The significance of the 5 diamond ring is rooted in love and fidelity, passion and love. for this reason the eternity is one of the first rings to be given at the moment of engagement.

When to present a 5- diamond Couple Jewelry Sets

A diamond ring with 5 diamonds is traditionally a refined, elegant gift that men give to the woman who he loves. It is a symbol of eternal and genuine love. This exquisite gift is offered for many reasons: to celebrate an anniversary of engagement, or to celebrate the birth of a baby or at the time of his baptism. In the ring of five diamonds, it is precisely these two which symbolizes the profundity of affection that one feels towards the other precious. Diamonds are the most durable and robust stone found in nature.

Diamond rings of various types

Diamond rings are not limited to those with five stones. They can be bought with seven stones, or diamonds throughout. In this particular instance, unlike the 5-diamond ring the precious stones are set along the entire circumference of the ring. It is more commonly, this jewel is called a riviera jewelry ring. The number of stones is clearly a factor in determining the price. In recent times, there are increasing numbers of rings that come with zirconia, which is made up of expensive stones.

The meaning of a diamond ring

It can be said that the diamond ring represents an unmistakable mark of love. The symbolism is clear if you think about the circle made of diamonds made from pure stones that form the ring. They are also believed as being stable and unlikely to change over time. This is similar to a genuine and solid relationship. The diamond ring could be given to your partner to present your wedding proposal.

White gold light points: simple, elegant and perfect to celebrate any occasion. Explore the works of the master craftsmen Franchin GIoielli

Light Point Necklace

Women are awestruck by light points and a necklace made of light points isn't atypical. A light point is a gem that never loses its appeal. It can enchant any woman and create an aura of romance and elegance that is unmatched. Light point chokers are able to be worn with a variety of outfits. A light-point set in white gold is a piece of jewelry that is tied to the legendary Italian jewelry and goldsmithing tradition.

Different kinds of light point jewelry

The diamonds for light-point jewelry and necklaces are characterized by different shapes that reflect the distinctive aspect of the light point, represented by the minimal and essential lines. These follow a geometric pattern with regular shapes or alternatively are made into shapes like hearts or flowers. They can also be represented in other representations. To create the appearance of a light point jewel precious stones like diamonds but also zircons and Swarovski are often used. These stones are capable of conveying an image of sophistication and elegance as well as add a touch of personality and brightness to the attire worn. A light point jewel is an ideal choice gift that will convey the deep bond you share with your partner: a strong and important relationship that is bound to last for a long time, exactly like a gem.

The real nature of Light Point Necklaces

The real beauty of a light-point necklace is most likely to be illustrated by the prestigious gold models with diamond The harmony and the fusion of diamond and gold noble elements that create distinctive jewels, in terms of quality and awe. A diamond-colored necklace is a perfect piece to wear every evening it is a perfect piece to wear without the need to mix it with other jewels. Franchin Gioielli is your dependable goldsmith and jeweler, for the purchase of timeless jewellery. The price of a pendant that has a lightpoint is vital and could range from 300 euros to several thousand euros.


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