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[S1E6] What Team

Starting the hour with Tommy helping Claudia hide a body and ending the hour almost the same way was an excellent way of showing Claudia's quick evolution. Mai was her first kill, but she was never going to be her last. There is death and chaos in this business, and you have to do whatever you have to do to survive.

[S1E6] What Team

He and Ghost were a great team when they had to be, but there was always an air of Ghost being above Tommy in some ways. But once Ghost went legit, Tommy proved he was more than capable of doing his own thing, and we only see more of that here.

Poor D-Mack, I wish we knew more about what's going on with him. He doesn't seem to want to hurt JP. But he's not above making him suffer by repeatedly damaging his bar. And seeing how quickly he quit Jenard's assignment after seeing Tommy and JP know each other just proves that point further.

You can tell Gloria appreciates seeing THIS Vic, who appears to be making their relationship a priority. And honestly, I just want Gloria to follow her heart and do what makes her happy because she deserves that. If Vic is the source of that happiness, he needs to always put her first.

Tommy: First time's always the hardest. Even if they had it coming. Claudia: Never really thought about what happens after you kill someone. Tommy: Only two things need to happen. You don't get caught, and they don't get found.

Aside from the Jamie drama, Dani trips over something invisible on the field and attributes it to his recent visit to the fabled treatment room. All the team members believe that the treatment room is cursed.

The curse stems from something that happened during the War of 1814. Young men would be coaxed into trying out for the soccer team but were actually tricked into enlisting for war, and then would die overseas.

He invites all the team members to meet at the locker room that evening with a significant item they can burn as part of a big offering to appease the ghosts and get rid of them. Surprisingly, Jamie makes an appearance and donates something that reminds him of his mother.

Dean Pelton (Jim Rash) is trying to boost interest in Greendale's football team, which has recently been renamed the "Greendale Human Beings." Aware that Troy (Donald Glover) was a star football player in high school but suffered an injury preventing him from going further, he attempts to convince Troy to join the team, but Annie (Alison Brie) objects, believing Troy has a better future. Pierce (Chevy Chase) offers to help Dean Pelton to redesign the school mascot to reflect the name change. Through many attempts, Pierce and the dean realize that the only acceptable mascot is one free of race, gender, or other identification, and end up creating a vaguely human-shaped mascot, wrapped entirely in white gauze to disguise any discernibly human characteristics.

Jeff (Joel McHale) later discovers posters and flyers for Greendale with his photogenic face front and center. Worried that these flyers would damage his professional reputation, he confronts Dean Pelton. Then Dean blackmails Jeff, promising not to send out the flyers if he can convince Troy to join the football team. Jeff succeeds in doing so behind Annie's back. Annie later observes Troy slipping back into his pre-college, jock ways such as being late for class and being lax on homework. She discovers he had rejoined the football team and realizes that Jeff convinced him to do so. Jeff counters that Annie is trying to direct Troy on the path that she wants him to be on; Annie takes the comment too hard, but later is cheered up in the bathroom by Britta (Gillian Jacobs). At a pep rally before his first game, Troy tells Jeff that the accident that ended his first football career and cost him his scholarship was not an accident: Troy could not take the pressure of being the star player, and injured himself on purpose. Since there is no pressure to succeed at Greendale, Troy now genuinely enjoys playing football. Jeff and Annie later make up for interfering in each other's lives.

Reid, Morgan, and Hotch go to the park to talk to the local PD; Hotch talks about where the unsub was located and what that tells him. Gideon, JJ, and Elle are at the hospital where they talk to a bunch of real asshole doctors about the signature (drink!), and the doctors argue about whether they can get that bullet out. Gideon, JJ, and Elle discuss the time of day of the shootings and determine that the killer may be related to law enforcement because he chose to kill when the police shift change was happening to ensure there would be fewer cops on the streets. The asshole doctor comes in with the bullet and assholes at the team.

While the team and the PD re-enact the park killing, JJ hears a report on tv breaking the news that the sniper is a local police officer. Whoops your not-ready-for-prime-time profile! Gideon thinks that the cop who leaked the story might be their unsub, and the team talk to the news reporter, who Gideon kind of arrests, apparently for being kind of an officious prick. They get Garcia a cell number from the news dude and she traces it to the guy who is playing the unsub in the re-enactment!!! Haha whooooooops!

Whether she's sharing timeless, French-inspired outfits or her latest French home decor finds, Noelani Meirowsky can be found inspiring fellow Francophiles to live "la vie Française" no matter where they reside. In this episode, Noelani shares how she used what most would consider to be a difficult experience in life, being laid off from her job, to turn things around and pursue her passion of French lifestyle blogging and create a dream career from it.

After the opening credits, the prison higher-ups discuss what to do about the fight. Because the guard didn't have the shooting skills for the tower -- where he was stationed for his own protection -- they move him to the women's prison. And as punishment for the fight itself, they decide to lock down the prison. This includes shutting down the inmates' illicit mobile phones.

Iris takes her broken self to Mike who, as expected, takes pity on her. While he refuses to do what Milo wants, he has his assistant Rebecca bring her to the hospital and promises to address Milo so that nothing like this happens to Iris again. Mike takes Kyle and Ian to the bar to beat up Milo's representative, vowing worse if anything else happens to Iris. Upon her return from the hospital, Iris tells Mike her sordid past -- filled with sexual abuse and trauma -- and claims that she's already been broken by Kingstown. Mike tells her it gets worse and asks Rebecca to stay with her overnight. Despite saying that he doesn't trust Milo's sex worker, it's clear that Mike is worried about Iris and willing to show her compassion.

There is snow covering the ground, indicating that Joel and Ellie are well on their way to finding Tommy in Wyoming. The camera is following an older man who is hunting rabbits. We see him arrive at his cozy cottage and he opens the door to find Joel holding a gun on his wife. He puts his gun down and sits, ready to hear what Joel has to say.

She says this will be easy, all they have to do is cross the river of death. When they get to a river, Joel says it is too close to dark so they will set up camp before continuing. They set up camp in a cave where Ellie asks Joel what he will do if the fireflies successfully make a cure from her blood. He thinks for a moment and then says he would like to run a sheep ranch because they are quiet and do what they are told. This becomes a running joke through the episode, and really works writing wise.

Sugar and Hood are on the lake in a rowboat drinking, talking about guys like Wicks and what kinds of poisons they are. Living for favors and handouts, using information they have on someone. The camera pans below the boat like in a Jaws movie all the way to the bottom of the lake where Wicks is weighted down, as in dead. It was in that moment that I realized Wicks had been dead since he had the steak earlier that night. This installment of Banshee reminded me of an early Sopranos episode where Tony takes Meadow to look at colleges and finds a former mobster in the witness protection program that the boss has to kill. Banshee knows how to use the flashback sequence properly and it pays off brilliantly, giving us some great insight into Hood and what drives him. Unlike my review of The Following, Banshee utilizes flashbacks to actually move the story forward, not stall it in many different places in time. The death of Wicks was inevitable and something that only men like Sugar can understand. The past is obdurate and has no business in the present. Especially in Banshee, PA.

As Cheshire is leaving the café, Artemis shoots four explosive arrows at her, knocking her mask off. Artemis is shocked at recognizing her. Cheshire teases Artemis, saying that she will obviously be arrested and interrogated by her teammates, but wonders if Artemis's position is secure enough for them to learn everything she knows. After a moment of consideration, Artemis stands down, and Cheshire disappears elated.

Myrtle was in charge during World War 2, when women went to work in droves, doing the jobs soldiers left behind, and the post-war economic boom, when many (male) workers were treated and paid better than ever, but women were forced back into the home or low wage work. I suspect both CEOs had mixed records on worker exploitation, to be honest. CEOs tend to be ruthless, put profits first and attempt to get away with whatever the market will accept. They also tend to be adept at putting up a charming front, have excellent social skills in public and score high on the psychopath scale.

After the show, Mark and Alexa say hi to June and tell her the band was good, especially the last song. Mark says he thinks Petey would have liked it. June says they write what they know, but questions how Mark would know what Petey liked, since they were both severed. Before he can answer, a fight starts in the alley, so Mark and Alexa leave. 041b061a72


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