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Hudson Myers
Hudson Myers

Build Your Own Berk and Hatch Dragons on PC with Dragons: Rise of Berk

The gameplay of Dragons: Rise of Berk is simple but hard to master. Generally, your aim in this game is to create your own berk. To do this, you must hatch and train DreamWorks Dragons derived from the abovementioned movie. There are more than 400 legendary dragons to anticipate in this game, including Stormfly, Toothless, Skullcrusher, Hookfang, and more.

The DreamWorks dragons in your berk will be your companion in accomplishing missions in Dragons: Rise of Berk. These missions usually include building various structures for your berk, releasing legendary dragons, and letting their power be part of your berk.

how to download dragons rise of berk on pc

It is my favourite of all the games I have played. The graphics are amazing and the quality is excellent. You can always find something to do when you're waiting, such as brawling or defending the berk. There are also many dragons that you can unlock, and there is no need to see ads. Although it occasionally crashes, the game is still great.